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Who we are

Provider Pool is a community of healthcare professionals who share this principle: work is not a compromise
what you love

Over 400,000 licensed nurses have walked away from the healtchare industry due to burnout, unfair compensation and lack of opportunity.


With over 21,000 healthcare organizations in the US, every day brings the potential for new opportunities and new experiences.

an impact

There may not always be enough skilled healthcare professionals to meet staffing demands. Being a mobile professional means making an impact.

the conversation

Healthcare organizations make improvements by listening to the voices and suggestions of the people working on the front lines everyday.

What we do

Provider Pool presents you with per diem and traveling work opportunities based on your preferences.

per diem

Shift assignments to cover on-demand needs like call-outs, vacancies or last minute emergencies.

work with wings

Six weeks of exploration and experiences. Designed for the nurse who wants an adventure.

travel locally

Perfect for the nurse that wants to explore local opportunites without long term commitment.

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